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Objectives of the Project

Risk is a function of the hazards to which a community is exposed and the vulnerabilities of that community. However, that risk is modified by the level of the local preparedness of the community at risk
(WHO, 2007).

In these terms, risk reduction involves measures designed

  1. to prevent hazards
  2. to reduce vulnerability
  3. to improve emergency preparedness (e.g., development of emergency plans, training of personnel at all levels and in all sectors, education of communities at risk, regular monitoring of all measures).

In these terms, after taking into consideration the issues raised in section B1 above, the Main Objectives (MO) of the 4Plus Project are:

  • MO1. To advocate, throughout the CB area, the need for capacity-building in risk reduction (i.e., in reducing vulnerability and in increasing preparedness for emergency management), for PwD/older persons.
  • MO2. To improve, through sound technical assistance, the knowledge and skills of the local authorities and communities in being prepared for and responding to the consequences caused by natural and manmade hazards, especially to PwD/ older persons.
  • MO3. To improve the communication, cooperation and coordination among all contributing sectors and stakeholders towards achieving more inclusive risk reduction results.
  • MO4. To develop baseline data, norms, standards, training resources, information and ICT applications that foster the sustainable development of effective risk reduction for PwD/ older persons and to test these in various settings.
  • MO5. To establish mechanisms for continuous monitoring progress in strengthening emergency preparedness programmes for PwD/older persons across the CB area.

Clearly, meeting the above objectives shall act catalytically towards meeting the aims of SO1.4 of the Programme, namely a) to improve cross border preparedness for effective management of disasters, b) to coordinate decision making tools and early warning systems, c) to improve CP through Better Informed Public.