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Expected outputs of the project (tangible and visible outputs or products relating to project activities)

The project main outputs, in relation to the five Main Objectives (MOs) of the Project, are:

  • 1 media campaign (radio/TV spots)–MO1
  • 4 one-day public awareness conferences, with SL interpretation, live broadcasting and invited media–MO1
  • over 50 visits to schools, universities, care centers, etc.–MO1&2
  • 1 joint study on CB’s risk reduction and emergency preparedness levels for persons with reduced mobility (1 citizens survey and 1 service providers survey)–MO1&2
  • 1 joint roadmap towards inclusive CP across the CB area–MO2
  • 1 institutional multi-sectorial CB network (online registry)–MO3&5
  • multiple publications (1 general information leaflet, 1 guidebook for CP planners, 1 manual for professional helpers, 1 guide for target citizens/tourists, 1 guide for employers & education/hospitality providers, 1 guide for local media), made accessible–MO1-4
  • multiple training activities in 15 municipalities (2 general public infodays, 15 two-days courses for CP planners, 6 five-days workshops for helpers, 15 one-day workshops for target citizens/families, 2 info-days for employers/institutetions/hospitality providers, 2 multi-sectorial table-top exercises)- MO1-4
  • joint ICT apps (1 registry for target citizens, 1 decision-making/monitoring platform, 1 public information/notification Web portal, 1 free mobile application for citizens/visitors)–MO1-5
  • 1 holistic community-based case study in Kolonje (1 local master plan, 1 consultation workshop, 1 preparedness assessment report, 1 door-to-door identification in houses & care structures, pilot migration works in major in natural/cultural assets, over 10 pilot personal plans, 1 local help line for the public, 3 public info-kiosks, 1 multi-sectorial exercise in the field, 1 video and 1 report on lessons-learned)–MO2-4
  • 2 three-days study visits abroad for the project partners–MO2
  • 1 transferability plan & 2 multiplying one-day events for over 400 people in Tirana and Athens–MO2
  • 1 sustainability plan–MO1-5